After winning leukemia, businesswoman creates organic store in NY

After winning leukemia, businesswoman creates organic store in NY

Businesswoman Yolanda Cryan has become a highlight in the United States through her company, Yola’s All Natural. The enterprising Brazilian made a commitment to herself to live a natural life for many years after she won a battle against leukemia using natural products.

After this victory, Yolanda decided to use only natural and organic products and her passion for everything that surrounds this world led her to take the first steps towards starting a successful company that would help many people.

At first, she started producing natural scrubs and giving it to friends. Then he distributed it in the church and success opened doors for him. Everyone loved the results obtained with the product and started asking for the recipe. It was then that she realized she had a great opportunity to unite the useful with the pleasant.

Yolanda, instead of sharing her recipe, decided to produce the exfoliators and sell them door to door. Sales were growing and in 2017 he opened his company, Yolas All Natural.

The businesswoman points out that the company believes in the power of nature and extracts from her the best to create products that take care of the skin. “We are not only committed to profiting but also to socially helping street children and leukemia sufferers,” he said.

Incredible exfoliators are made from 100% natural ingredients and make the skin smooth and hydrated without any chemicals.

Yolas All Natural is located in New York. For more information, please visit .

article from: published in 07/17/2019 by Braziliantimes, a New York Brazilian Jornal

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