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Yolas All Natural

Lavender Moisturizing Hand Scrub

Lavender Moisturizing Hand Scrub

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Yola's All Natural 4-in-1 Lavender Moisturizing Hand Scrub formula does everything that a hand scrub should do and much more!

Himalayan salt crystals infused with organic essential oils, nutrients and moisturizers will transform your skin, making it appear soft, healthy and radiant. 

Protects the Skin

Because it is loaded with antioxidants, lavender has the ability to protect the skin against free radicals, molecules that, when not locked, tend to damage the various layers of the skin, making it susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. When using lavender products, these radicals are blocked, preventing damage.

Brightens the skin

Lavender helps to reduce the redness of the skin, giving a more natural and luminous appearance to the face. At the same time, it also helps to reduce blemishes caused by the sun, aging or hyperpigmentation.

Detoxifies the skin

Pollution and stress are two of the factors that most damage the skin on a daily basis and lead to the accumulation of toxins, which can cause it to dry out and look more irritated and inflamed. Using lavender daily, the naturally occurring antioxidants will prevent and counteract this effect and protect against external damage.

Nourishes dry skin

Anyone with dry skin areas knows how uncomfortable this can be on a daily basis, especially if some irritations start to appear throughout the day. This is where lavender comes into play, as it helps to balance the skin's moisture barrier and nourish in depth.

Recommended For: Dry skin

Ingredients: Lavender (organic), Coconut Oil (organic), Grape Oil (organic), and Himalayan Salt (organic)

Directions: Apply to clean, damp skin. Gently massage onto your hands in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.

Tip: it is not recommended to exfoliate more than once a week. 

MADE IN USAYola's All Natural is proud to provide 100% natural products, free from animal cruelty, using only the highest quality ingredients and all natural essential oils. They do not contain chemicals and preservatives.

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