What We’re About


We bring the best from nature for you skin

We are a company that believes in the power of nature, and we extract from nature the best to take care of your skin. By bothering to use selected and organic ingredients we offer high-quality products to take care of your beauty naturally.



 The mission of Yolas is to share with our people our knowledge extracted from nature, offering the best organic and natural products.



 Based in New York City, Yolas is concerned with stimulating the local economy, so in its formulas, it uses organic ingredients produced in the Community Garden of the Village in New York City.

We also care that the social part, therefore, part of the profit of Yolas is reserved to help institutions of children with leukemia.


Company History

Yolanda was born and raised in Brazil, in a country town, under the influence of her indigenous father she always liked herbs and the power of healing by herbs.

After winning a battle against leukemia with the help of natural products, she decided to only use natural and organic products.

Her passion for organic and natural products led her to start producing organic exfoliating and hydrant for the skin by sharing with friends.

Their exfoliating and organic hydrants was a total success among friends and relatives, where everyone started asking about the recipe. Instead of passing the recipe she decided to start a business and share with the world her organic and natural products.


We joined AMAZON in 2020.



We won the '' Notables '' award in the Brazilian community in the gold category.


Every year we appear in Brazilian times in New York.